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Since 1972, Great Lakes Bushings, Inc., supplies our valued customers with the finest quality machined parts.  We specialize in CNC machining, working with a wide variety of materials including aluminum, brass, plastic, mild steels, and stainless steels.  These products are used in the transportation, food/canning, foundry, industrial, defense and agriculture industries.  We also practice general machining of large stainless steel tubing with diameters of five feet and lengths up to twenty one feel long.  Some of these items are used for heat treating furnaces, roller conveyors and skid rails.  Great Lakes Bushings, Inc., dedicated itself to combining high quality products with on time delivery at competitive prices.

In addition, Great Lakes Bushings, Inc., manufactures a non-bonded rubber/metal bushing using the finest materials available.  This design surpasses molded bushings by providing greater loading capabilities, higher torsional capacities and fewer replacements.

Obtain additional information on bushing replacements and  machined parts by telephone at Great Lakes Bushings, Inc. Call 1-800-236-1367 or e-mail sales@greatlakesbushings.com.